Pain Management

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Pain Management

We have all experienced pain. But despite it being one among the foremost common symptoms people seek medical help for, it's also one among the foremost misunderstood and ineffectively treated.
Part of the rationale is that one person’s experience of an equivalent painful event are often significantly different from another’s. during this article, we identify the foremost common sorts of pain and offer some suggestions on the simplest sort of treatment. Because there's no one-size-fits-all approach.
Types of Pain
There are many various types and causes of pain, and these are often grouped into eight different categories to assist with pain management:

  1. Acute pain

  2. Chronic pain

  3. Breakthrough pain

  4. Bone pain

  5. Nerve pain

  6. Phantom pain

  7. Soft tissue pain

  8. Referred pain.


Pain is the means by which the peripheral nervous system (PNS) warns the central nervous system (CNS) of injury or potential injury to the body

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