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“Dr. Sushila is our family doctor, since we have come across her ,our family health concerns are cured in the most comfortable and caring way. My BP fluctuation takes place quite often, but she ensures to give me the best of medicine and advice for maintaining it.” She is the biggest support for us when it comes to health.

Mr Dilbag Saini

The most memorable experience during the COVID 19 battle has been the first sight of Dr. Sushila Kataria. So pleasant, so soothing, so magical that my wife, acquired instant confidence & courage. Her outlook to the Covid fight suddenly transformed making her feel she has already won the fight. The scare vanished. It was the turning point. Thereafter there was no looking back, the progress was automatic. Grateful to you, Dr. Kataria. We look upon you as God's ambassador, a person gifted with a natural healing touch, more effective than the medicines.

Mr. & Mrs. Surindra Mohan Khanna

I would like to thanks Dr Nidhi for being a great gynecologist. You are very caring, affectionate and loving doctor. We feel blessed to have you, our one stop solution for all gyne needs. The best thing about her is that she puts patient’s health n wellness ahead of anything. Such an honest and good doctor is very rare to find these days. Thanks Dr. Nidhi.

Mrs. Rimple Gosain

Dr. Shilpa Diagnosis was very helpful. I had migrane for the past 5 years and the Allopathic medicines which were prescribed were not healing. Then Dr Shilpa directed me Ayurvedic Medicines that showed immense effect on my Migrane. She constantly followed up with me to analyse the results of the medicines. She guided us on how to use ayurveda correctly and gave instructions to protect ourselves from the ever-growing pollution which i am severely allergic to.

Parul Gupta, Sector-47

My daughter had severe pain in both sides lower back teeth...Doctor Prerna was so cooperative and kid friendly that my daughter didn’t complain about any pain during pulpectomy. She has been doing a great job..Thanks to Dr Prerna for such an easy treatment.

Kashvi’s Mother- Mrs Namrata